International Broadcasting Convention 2021 – Amsterdam, NL

This IBC Accelerator Innovation Challenge POC explored how to bring a deeper sense of Being There in person using a variety of video and audio recording styles in-studio, as well as post-production techniques using cutting edge software. Three key workstreams were kept simplified for laser focus R&D in live acoustic music recordings, 360VR capture, spoken word dramatization and accessibility. Mass audience, consumer-facing learnings were conducted with focus groups and core IBC audiences via headphones and browser-based video platforms. Our consortium of Co-Champions and Participants joined forces to film and record in professional locations in Paris and London with focus on high quality audio & visual aesthetics. We explored use cases with acoustic classical instruments, 360° VR cameras and voice actors. The audio mix is no longer fixed. Instead, it utilised binaural, spatial and room simulation via cutting-edge software and explore 6DoF with Magic Beans. Video output was integrated via the multi-POV Omnilive platform, for responsive audience immersivity.

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Marcela Rada, 2022

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