11 Jan 2021

Traces (Science Museum, Valencia, Spain 2019)

A participative light-based installation exploring the impacts of organized systems on our surroundings, from microscopic to cosmic in scale, and the ways they are directly influenced by human actions.

A long, single sheet of reflective Mylar is laid across the entire floor of the exhibition space. 

This reflective plane is scanned by a light source, creating water-like reflections on the ceiling.

The mylar is divided into three sections, each of which has a different mechanism that modulates the reflective surface, creating intricate, dynamic changes in the reflected visual patterns.

The viewer is invited to follow a narrative progression through discrete stages, representative of various scales of life systems and the evolution of intelligence. 

From minute mechanical changes to actual human footprints, the piece serves as a subtle reminder to the fragility of nature and how small actions greatly impact our surroundings. 

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Marcela Rada, 2022

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