11 Jan 2021

Apparition (Science Museum, Valencia, Spain 2019)

A hybrid installation bridging digital media with Arne Quinze’s “My Secret Garden” series, exploring the shifting balance between nature and city.

Apparition is an audio-visual expansion of Arne Quinze’s series of sculptures entitled “My Secret Garden”. The piece uses video projection mapping to subtly augment and highlight the original works by overlaying abstract organic forms, in keeping with the artist’s original intent to reintegrate nature into the urban landscape.

Minimal but precise visual modulations will emerge from Quinze’s sculptures, underlining their forms and colors while adding organic textures that grow and evolve across their surfaces. The imagery will focus on plants, stones, bark and other natural elements found within Valencia, shot with macro lenses. They will be filmed in the dark at high frame rates, with slow-moving light sources colored to match each sculpture’s color palette.

The accompanying sonic compositions will use processed and layered field recordings, also bordering on abstraction. In this way the content takes on a recognizable but alien aspect, varying from usual perspectives of our environment.

This dynamic addition to the sculptures gives them a moving, almost living aspect, and helps reemphasize the underlying concept of life reclaiming an encroaching city space in hopes to establish a balance between them.

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